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Buenas. Welcome to my life in photos. Weedhead, 28. knowledge enthusiast. I live in Providence, RI. I love reptiles. I listen to more music than you could fathom - Alternative, oldies, HIP HOP, Salsa, Jazz, Classic rock, Reggae, acoustic, etc.
I love a cold beer and rollin NICE joints. Bubbler rips get me through the day. Drugs intrigue me.
I love skateboarding, sneakers, tits, and people willing to take a few minutes to exchange stories. I'm a firm Believer in open-mindedness and I hate ignorance. I'm just a colombian with an open mind. Yea I can be one selfish motherfucker. I mostly just post things that I enjoy, My photos, Geckos, Food, my medicine, lyrics I enjoy, and funny shit.. Everyday we experience something new. Every picture has a story.
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You're sexy as fuck

New England aye? Interesting.....

I’m on a roll today. #FuckCops

Classic Tumblr

Smoke breaking

To the beach I go… #FreshFruit #Salsa (Taken with Instagram)

#Dancing yesternight at #Fete (Taken with Instagram)

#Chex #Breakfast this am (Taken with Instagram)

Someone once #loved me, some time ago… #SD (Taken with Instagram)

Swimming in the #Saco River #NH (Taken with Instagram at Westons Beach)

My journey has come to an end, time to go back #home… (Taken with Instagram)

@TheHazeman just picked up the mustang with 6 miles on it. Late night cruise thru Venice/Santa Monica for some grub #Cali (Taken with instagram)

Late night drinking #cali (Taken with instagram)

My #MemorialDay Cookout shot (Taken with instagram)

#Providence Industrial piece by Shepard Fairey for #AS220, painted by muralist Johan Bjurman. #OBEY @obeygiant (Taken with instagram)

The Gate at #JWU #Providence #RI (Taken with instagram)

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